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Community Safety Services
The Carrboro Fire-Rescue Department offers a number of free services designed to promote greater fire safety within the community we call home. We welcome and encourage you to take advantage of these services. You may request any one of them by contacting us via email (fire@townofcarrboro.org) or telephone (919-918-7347). Below you will find a list of the services we offer, all of which are performed at no cost to you. We look forward to hearing from you!
  • Smoke Alarm Installation and Battery Check - Properly installed and maintained smoke alarms represent one of the most effective means of preventing injury and deaths in residential fires. The Carrboro Fire-Rescue Department will come to your home to perform any or all of the following for you: installation of smoke alarms (we can provide smoke alarms at no cost if you do not one), battery replacement (we can provide batteries if you do not have them), or if you already have smoke alarms, we can ensure you have them properly installed and placed within your home.Fire Dog Image

    To schedule an appointment send us an email message with your request to fire@townofcarrboro.org or call 919-918-7347. To learn more about smoke alarms and proper placement check out the information on our safety tips page!

  • Courtesy Home Safety Inspection - Many of you may be familiar with fire and safety inspections that take place in your workplaces and schools, but a safety inspection in your home is just as important! At your convenience, members of our department will come to your home and offer suggestions as to how to make your home safer and reduce the chances of a devastating fire.

    To schedule an appointment for a home safety inspection send us an email message with your request to fire@townofcarrboro.org or call 919-918-7347.

  • Child Safety Seat Checks - Properly installing and using a child safety seat is no easy task. In fact, nationwide studies have placed the misuse rate for child safety seats at 80%! Our nationally certified technicians have undergone more than 40 hours of training related to proper child safety seat installation and use. We are always happy to educate parents on the proper use of their seats; last year our department checked more than 400 child safety seats.

    Our regular hours of operation are on Saturday mornings from 9:30am to 11:30am, however, we will check a seat at other times during the week if we are not busy. To schedule an appointment for a time other than Saturday morning feel free to contact us via email at fire@townofcarrboro.org. If you prefer to talk to us directly, you may call 919-918-7347 to reach the station. To read more about the program click HERE.

  • Fire Extinguisher Class - This class is designed to give groups and businesses the opportunity for hands-on, practical experience in using ABC fire extinguishers. We will come to your group's location and explain the proper use of a fire extinguisher in the event of a small fire. We will also light a small propane fueled fire and allow those who wish the opportunity to use an extinguisher to put out the fire.

    Although there is no charge for the class, the group requesting the class must provide an adequate number of fire extinguishers for the participants in the class. For more information or to schedule an appointment email us at fire@townofcarrboro.org or call 919-918-7347.

  • Block Parties and Birthday Parties - If you are planning a community block party or birthday party our department will stop by during the event with a fire truck for all to see up close - both adults and children. We can show and explain the use and importance of the many pieces of equipment, display our gear, discuss fire safety topics, and distribute fire safety information for kids and adults.

    If you would like for us to attend your event send us information about the event, along with contact information, via email at fire@townofcarrboro.org or call 919-918-7347. In order to properly schedule your event, we prefer at least 30 days notice as to time and date.

  • Station Tours and Safety Talks - We regularly give station tours and safety talks to all types of groups, both formal and informal. Some of the groups we have had come through in the past include school classes, girl scouts, boy scouts, church groups, day care groups, after school programs, summer camp groups, home school students, and many individuals. You are always welcome to drop by and take a look. If we are not otherwise engaged, someone is often around to show you around and to answer questions.

    If you would like to schedule a tour for your group simply call the station at 919-918-7347 or email us at fire@townofcarrboro.org. In order to properly prepare and schedule your event, we prefer at least 30 days notice as to time and date.

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